Milton Court Recording

I recorded my new disc with Artists Recording Company last month. We were incredibly fortunate to be using the fabulous new Milton Court Concert Hall, and it lived up to expectations in every way. The sound of the piano and hall are gorgeous and it was a pleasure to record in such conditions. I’ve been producing the disc myself so have heard the results already and am delighted with how it’s turned out. I tend to try take risks in recording sessions – for example playing extremely quietly, on the edge of what’s controllable on the piano, or playing faster than usual – as I feel a recording needs this extra energy and that this is the best way to capitalise on being in the studio. There’s a fine line between daring and recklessness though, so it was with great relief that I got to the end of producing the disc without feeling I needed to go back to the studio and do it all again..

There’s now just the liner notes, design, packaging etc. to be finalised and the release date looks set for May 2014.

Recording in Milton Court